Saturday, November 21, 2009

she is?

i dont knw why i put her picture. haha, she's my sister lahh! wanna wish her gud luck for her final exam. dont go home early. i dont want you at home. hahha. hope you can bring me along to your graduation day at korea.please tell ma n abah to bring me! ;P i wish you could. heee~ i dont want to say this, you're beatiful, intelligent, soft spoken and perfect. our parent really proud of you, not me. ;( i dont mind at all coz you are everything to them. so, make them happy with your best result. i pray for you and i hate to say this, i love you my sister.

dedicated to AY

today is our annivrsry, we've been together for 11 months. i knw we had so many difficulties to reach this level. i'm not good enough to be a perfect girl for you because you are too nice for me. seriously, i miss you so much! ;( please please i want you right now. i'm sick with this long distance relationship. but i knw, u will be my guide to continue this relationship. here, i wanna wish u happy birthday and may god bless you and our relationship. ;) i wanna say thanx coz being mine. you are my super duper boyfriend i ever had. i love you sayang..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

one less lonely girl.

the title, it's a lovely song! by justin bieber. ohh, you should listen to this song and you will miss someone. hahaha i dnt knw why.. list name here is the person i missed!
.ofcourse my syg,acad.aten.kuyin.mijot.pirot.sapik.jimbow.jemek.ainil.dane.kk.raqib.mira.nany.seha.and eveyone that used to make me happy.

ohh! i love you all my babiess~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i miss you all girlss!

after a week me and leyka go back to pj. a bit diffrnt frm the last sem. not a bit, but a biggg diffrnt! OMG, we reallyy miss u aten! miss ur laugh, ur joke, ur story, ur tatak n many such things we spend together in pj! huhu.. not only memories with aten, with nany, mira, seha, and whoever that involve in my story last sem. hahaa. now, i only spend my time with leyyka n syirin. and mostly with leyyka lah! :)) i miss you all! just keep those memories in our mind okeyh. act, nk upload pics tp wifi lembab! huhu sorry. :P

Monday, October 5, 2009


cuti dah start, so, mmg tataw la ape kne buat. mama! saye nk habiskn lesen kereta saye lah! jgn lah bagi saye dok rumah sorang2. kesian lah kt saye nih.. huhuh. kawan2 yg ke gombak, jumpe saye another 1 sem okeyh! aten! the most important person yg jd guide i ngn leyyka nnty. kami rindukan mama aten!! nnty dtg ngn BGA 37 bwk kami jalan2! huhuhu. n one more thing, watch out with f*%k^&g u@a okeyh! hahahaha.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

my granny

sedekahkn al-fatihah kepada nenek ku yg bru sahaje meninggal dunia pada hari jumaat lepas. AL-FATIHAH..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


ouh, i'm stuck in my house. same goes to my other friends. we want our raya holiday ouh! huhuh how come uia give us 3 days only to celebrate hari raya! and then the scary one, our final exam! wish me luck for my final. gud luck for my chicas out there!
especially my friends who are graduating sem this year. gombak is your next destination. so, gud luck babee!! :))