Friday, August 14, 2009

my own way

people stop hating me. i know its my fault and a big sorry to the person who read this blog. today, i'm changed! this is the new me. i can decide my own decision and not acting like a kid anymore. a big thanx to ryhan because she try so hard to make me strong and matured. i'm not a girl who has no heart and feeling that you can kick me like a ball. Zatul Aqilah is a person who know how to appreciate the meaning of friends. if you think i'm not that kind of person, hope you can accept my apology. i think i know how to appreciate friends. and i know how i really care about my friends.
if there's anything wrong please let me know. and i want you face to face with me. maybe we can control this bad situation. and again, a big sorry from me..


Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

You and your lover...♥
When did you guys start dating?21 january 2009
How long have you been dating for?7 months
How did you meet?hahaa. secret!
Do you love him/her?ofcourse.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that person?if nothng happend between us, why not?
Does he/she make you feel like you are something?hurmm,, dnt knw.
Does he/she make you laugh and happy?sometimes, not always laa..
Have you kissed?x bley2. haram. =P
Do you like being with that person?yesss!
Would you cry if he had to go far away forever?yaa.. =( want him always..
Do you like that person for looks or personality?not really, enough 4 me if he love me.
Would he/she die for you?dont knw. ask him lah.
Would you die and for him/her?err~
Does your lover make you smile?haha, yup! always kn syg!
Does he/she support you in everything you do?yes! he do.
Does he/she try to be there everytime you need them?ofcourse but not everytime.
Are you always constantly thinking about the person you love?not really.
Do you dream about him/her?not yet.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that person and raise a family?i want! if we are still together
Do you love her/him with all your heart and soul?ofcourse i do..

the days.

long time no update from me. sorry! thanx 2 my gemok coz tman i dis 2 days. really appreciate that. i love you weyhh!! hahhaa, u lah manusia plg bongok i pnh jumpe ouh. hahhaa. sanggup plak nk tman i plus anta i blik ag, kne mkn ngn abg n adik i lagi n many more lah. esoknye u tmn i lg. x boring ke tgk muke i. hihi. nyway, thanx a lot sygg,. i love you! sumpah x tipu!! hehee. waiting present from u.. pliss pliss. =))