Wednesday, September 16, 2009


ouh, i'm stuck in my house. same goes to my other friends. we want our raya holiday ouh! huhuh how come uia give us 3 days only to celebrate hari raya! and then the scary one, our final exam! wish me luck for my final. gud luck for my chicas out there!
especially my friends who are graduating sem this year. gombak is your next destination. so, gud luck babee!! :))

Monday, September 7, 2009


first skali i want to say a big soryy for my bf because i'm not being honest with you. i knw i'm wrong and sometimes sooo stupid! thanks sebab syg sgt kt i.. susah sgt nk wat decision same ade nk pilih u or that guy. its soo tough for me. then bile u ckp kt i sumenye, i taw i should choose u. it's almost 9 months we've been together and i really appreciate our relationship. and i really hope that u will appreciate me moree than the past. =)
nyway, thanks coz being mine..