Saturday, November 21, 2009

she is?

i dont knw why i put her picture. haha, she's my sister lahh! wanna wish her gud luck for her final exam. dont go home early. i dont want you at home. hahha. hope you can bring me along to your graduation day at korea.please tell ma n abah to bring me! ;P i wish you could. heee~ i dont want to say this, you're beatiful, intelligent, soft spoken and perfect. our parent really proud of you, not me. ;( i dont mind at all coz you are everything to them. so, make them happy with your best result. i pray for you and i hate to say this, i love you my sister.

dedicated to AY

today is our annivrsry, we've been together for 11 months. i knw we had so many difficulties to reach this level. i'm not good enough to be a perfect girl for you because you are too nice for me. seriously, i miss you so much! ;( please please i want you right now. i'm sick with this long distance relationship. but i knw, u will be my guide to continue this relationship. here, i wanna wish u happy birthday and may god bless you and our relationship. ;) i wanna say thanx coz being mine. you are my super duper boyfriend i ever had. i love you sayang..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

one less lonely girl.

the title, it's a lovely song! by justin bieber. ohh, you should listen to this song and you will miss someone. hahaha i dnt knw why.. list name here is the person i missed!
.ofcourse my syg,acad.aten.kuyin.mijot.pirot.sapik.jimbow.jemek.ainil.dane.kk.raqib.mira.nany.seha.and eveyone that used to make me happy.

ohh! i love you all my babiess~