Friday, August 14, 2009

my own way

people stop hating me. i know its my fault and a big sorry to the person who read this blog. today, i'm changed! this is the new me. i can decide my own decision and not acting like a kid anymore. a big thanx to ryhan because she try so hard to make me strong and matured. i'm not a girl who has no heart and feeling that you can kick me like a ball. Zatul Aqilah is a person who know how to appreciate the meaning of friends. if you think i'm not that kind of person, hope you can accept my apology. i think i know how to appreciate friends. and i know how i really care about my friends.
if there's anything wrong please let me know. and i want you face to face with me. maybe we can control this bad situation. and again, a big sorry from me..